Ralphie Dee


who at 16 found himself in the center or the Disco craze as the resident DJ of the Brooklyn club 2001 Odyssey ,which became the location featured in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

His first residency, if you want to call it that, was at a small small bar – the Drift Inn in Brooklyn. Getting the job thru a friend’s older brother who hung out there, back then he made 8 track tapes on 2 turntables and a small microphone mixer and would give them away. One of the tapes got played in the bar, so once they heard that they asked him to play on the weekends.”

All through the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s he managed to leave a mark in both his wide range of diversity in musical styles when Djing and his production styles have been across the house and techno scene. His legacy is very much alive having played all over the world and produced some ground breaking tracks.

2001 Odyssey

Things evolved and Ralphie went onto become the resident DJ of a Brooklyn club called 2001 Odyssey. What he didn’t know when he began playing there was that it would soon become the very center of the Disco craze when the nightclub scenes of Saturday Night Fever were shot in the club.

Amazingly, nobody had any idea that this movie would become the worldwide success it became but on the night of December 16th, 1977 Ralphie’s world would change forever. By February 1978 you could not get near the place, lines around the block, record promoters jamming into the DJ booth all trying to get their records played. It was sheer mayhem. We all know what happened next as the disco craze swept the world and lead to many memorable moments as he began playing sets on New Yorks first disco station WKTU. Manning the turntables for Disco 92 – a 3 hour mix which aired every Saturday night from 11 till 1am.

The 80’s

The 80’s took Ralphie to play in many great clubs in the boroughs of New York. Having residencies in Haddar II, Blossoms and Scarlett’s on Staten Island then on to Manhattan at The Rooftop, then City Scene, Promotions and Club B in Brooklyn were all major clubs that Ralphie played on Fridays and Saturdays. Then back to Manhattan for guestspots at The Funhouse ( post Jellybean) and then back to Brooklyn for a residency at one of Brooklyn’s most iconic clubs Pastels.

This was when he got interested in the recording studio and did his first mix along with Tommy Musto and Tommy Sozzi ( who were know then as 3D)for the influential label Tommy Boy Records

The 90’s

By 1990 fellow DJ.s and producers Tommy Musto, Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee and Victor Simonelli all started their prodction careers  at labels like Fourth Floor and Nu Groove. Musto and Bones became staples in the UK rave scene and during the 1989 summer of love Ralphie went into the studio for the first time to record an EP called “Outakes” for Fourth Floor with Lenny Dee. A string of hits followed with Major Problems – “Overdose”, An EP for Industrial Strength called “English Muffin” which was one of the very first tracks combining the drum and bass sound in the UK and the Belgian New Beat sound. Then came the biggest track of his career as he produced the major smash “The Realm” by Chantal which became one of the most sampled tracks in the house, techno era as pieces of the accapella were used in at least 500 records.

By 1991 his record productions were causing quite a stir in Europe and he began playing huge Raves and Clubs across Europe and by 1994 he headlined Energy 94’ which was the rave that followed the now famous Zurich Street Parade. By the end of the 90’s Ralphie had played in over 10 countries and 100 cities. With a record discography cemented in this era he started his own label in 1995 and had a huge EP with 3 hits  with Dutch producer Alici.

Dancing In The Temple Of Lust, Primative Passions and Collective Thoughts were staples in the hard techno trance era and the tracks were licensed to at least 30 compilations worldwide

The 2000’s

He began the millennium

with running the U.S. distribution for a company that made DJ gear as Dj’s up till this time carried heavy metal flight cases. UDG / Ultimate DJ Gear was the first company to brand softcases for records then cd’s and equipment. By 1993 it was the biggest most recognized DJ gear company world-wide. Every Dj from Carl Cox to Tiesto used these products

THE 10’S

The club scene in the New York area had it’s biggest resurgence, this due to a few factors. The divorce rate and most of the music was now very watered down and repetitive so the clubs now cater to the older adults who partied during the Saturday Night Fever and 80’s era. This concept brought some of Ralphie’s old pro-moter friends and the began doing parties in Staten Island and Brooklyn New York. Before you knew it the 40 th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever was in 2017.


He started a new label called DEETRAX in late 2019 with a secured publishing deal the label first began re releasing some of his old tracks on his previous label Mentality. Then new releases followed like “The Floor” and Flubber”

The first two NEW releases for 2020 are Deep Inside and Dig It.

Ralphie returned from DJing in Prague on New Years Eve and is now accepting bookings abroad as his musical styles range from everything to disco, house and techno. He has a residency in Staten Island New York at Pastels monthly as well as local guest spots.






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