La Minx

There are many genres, which are your favourite?

Soulful House, Funky, Tribal and Deep Tech House from the House genre. They are the main top four but I do like bits of amapiano and chicago House too.I enjoy multi-genre mixing too and playing Afro Beats, Rn’B,Hip-Hop and other alternative genres mainly from the old skool era.

Which artists, producers and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past?

There is so much Talent out there and so many talented artist, producers in the game. I love Black coffee and Bucie on the vocal side. I prefer the older stuff personally. Most of the music I select to play is because the artist or producer has stood out and I’m like “ooooh, I can’t wait to mix this song in my mix and see what it sounds like”

Tell us about some highlights in your time as a DJ

I have played at some really interesting events over the years. I have also featured at,

  • THOMAS A BECKET (Resident Dj)

Just to name a few!
I have also played in various clubs and Bars in Switzerland Geneva too and featured one year at Geneva Fest.
I have been lucky to connect and work and grow with other producers and artists.
I have also been given the opportunity to play on radio streams which I am ever grateful for. I have managed to gain more confidence and skills over time.

Have you done any production? If not, is it something you aim to do?

I have collaborated with a few producers over the years and have started producing my own solo pieces that I aim to release in the near future.

Tell us something about yourself apart from what we have covered. Any musical plans for the future? Interesting facts about yourself?

I am working with a collaborative Artist/singer currently as a duo and we share the same name. Meeting on the off chance and we love similar sounds in music. We are working on releasing a track just in time for summer and we are playing at a festival together in July too.

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