Welcome DJ 2-Bad here. If you’re reading this, we share a love for beautiful music. Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawn to diverse genres such as Afro House, Tribal, Funk, Motown, Disco, 80s RAP, Classic Soul, Afro beats, and RnB. Music is like a religion to me, uniting people in a special way. From watching YO MTV Raps and its vivid music videos featuring emotion, history, and fashion, I knew I had to build a hobby as a DJ. After watching and listening to best DJs in the UK I purchased my first laptop and started tinkering with tracks of varied genres. It wasn’t long before I found myself playing at events, parties & clubs with amazing people and audiences.

For over 20 years now, I’ve homed my craft of mixing and scratching by observing the best DJs in the industry. From small gigs to large crowds, I’ve learned how to read the audience and bring the right energy to every event. My eclectic style allows me to blend different genres and eras of music, creating a unique and timeless sound that always gets people moving.

Londonsomething is where I get to share my love for music with you. Tune in and let’s explore this amazing world of music together.

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