When did you start DJ’ing and what made you start?  

2012…. and as you know there’s a story to everything. 

So I suffer for social anxiety in big crowds and for so long my friends would ask me if I wanna go to a club. At the time I would say yes. But when it came to the actual night I wouldn’t go out. Fear would consume me. And I jus didn’t enjoy going out at all. So I would always let my friends down. So 1 particular friend had a go at me and I was like I’ve got to do something about this. 

In 2012 I was working in a hostel which needed someone to facilitate dj and Mc workshops for the young people. So naturally I volunteered praying no other staff would put put hand up and they didn’t. So I got the role. At the beginning I would partake in the session. But then the session became too packed so I couldn’t attend. So in my lunch breaks and after work I would go in the studio and practise djing on equipment I could never afford.  skip let’s say 9 years on (I don’t count coving years). Here I am tell you my story. 

There are many genres, which are your favourite? 

God I always get asked this and I find it so hard to give an answer. Coz it really depends on my mood. You know us ladies are goverened by our emotions. So I can go from listening to funky house to listening to Bashment, Grime…then can go way off and chuck on some Guns and Roses or Nirvana (heavy metal). I grew up with classical/opera music and heavy metal… so I think I’ve done quite well. Considering..😆 😆 

Which artists, producers and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past? 

Obviously artists like MJ and Prince spring to mind. These guys were in a league of their own. Black coffee and blackmotion oooh my dayz I’m gonna be here for years..

Dennis ferrer Louie Vega, James hype I tell you when it comes to music genres and artists I’m all over the place  lol. 

Tell us about some highlights in your time as a DJ 

Ooooh man. OK there’s a few that stand out. 1st 1 is playing in preston park at Brighton pride about 2015 Urban world had a tent there. I must have dropped house every weekend and the tent jus exploded. It was truly a mad experience. There must have been about 6000 people in that tent..people sitting on other people shoulders. Madness. 

The 2nd 1 djing at BlackprideUK. I played Crypress Hill jump around. I purposely put that in my playing coz I wanted to get the crowd jumping. And with my good friend Mad X on the Mic we had about 12000 people jumping up and down in.  It was amazing to see the videos later on.. 

Have you done any production? If not, is it something you aim to do? 

Funny enough I actually attended a production workshop the other night.. 

I have everything you need for producing music. Jus don’t have a clue how to do it. So hold tight you may still hear a track from 2Traxx ðŸĪŠ

Tell us something about yourself apart from what we have covered. Any musical plans for the future? Interesting facts about yourself? 

People that know me think I’m a bit mad. And call me the wheel girl like real but they spell it wheel coz of all my transport modes. 

Most people know me for riding supersports bike. I currently have an r6.

However. I also ride and drive pushbike, car, lorry, electric scooter and roller skates.

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