When did you start DJ’ing and what made you start?

Officially started Djing early March 2021 when i bought my ddj400 for my birthday during lockdown to stop my boredom. I’ve always loved music and always had a want to do something with music.

There are many genres, which are your favourite?

My main influences in music was early 90s Hardcore, Jungle, and Ragga. This has influenced in how i mix Amapiano and House music today.

Which artists, producers and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past?

I’ve always respected Ray Keith the way he transitioned from hardcore into the jungle movement. My favourite Ragga artist has always been Buju Blanton and Cutty Ranks.As far as Amapiano goes my fav UK artist/producer is Mr Taffa. And S,A artist/producer is Fello66

Tell us about some highlights in your time as a DJ

My fav memory Djing is my 1st booking on June 18th 2021 when everyone put down the face masks. I was djing on a party bus in london for 8+ hrs and met my girlfriend.

Have you done any production? If not, is it something you aim to do?

I’ve just dipped into a bit of producing and done 2 tracks so far. One being a Amapiano version of the jungle track Valley of the shadows aka 31 seconds. With the help of my friend dubplate wonder @dpwmusicpage

Tell us something about yourself apart from what we have covered. Any musical plans for the future? Interesting facts about yourself? 

I enjoying playing on London Something Live and maybe produce some more bangers in the future

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